View of existing ‘Gateway’ Site

The Development

We are Eutopia Homes, an independent developer. We have a modern approach to creating neighbourhoods in great places.

In March 2020, Exeter City Council approved the plans (Application reference number 19/0650/OUT) for the Main Exmouth Junction site.

In April 2021, Exeter City Council approved some additional plans (Application reference number 20/1187/FUL) for the Exmouth Junction ‘Gateway’ site, immediately adjacent to the Morrisons roundabout and partly fronting Prince Charles Road.

Eutopia Homes are now submitting revised plans for ‘Block D’ on the main Exmouth Junction site. This is now the subject of local public consultation prior to the submission of a planning application. You can find out more in the Public Consultation section of this website as well as register for a live video presentation.